Due to my work situation, I’ve been away for most of the time since April, working on company computers and with company Internet. That hasn’t allowed for me to write as I’d hoped or intended! Bad news for us all!

I’ve also been aware of some confusion at the various etailers with my titles. Amazon, for one, is listing the hotter “Category 3” books as a different edition than the milder “Category 1” books.

My tech god and I have devised a solution, that should hopefully benefit us all! I’m renaming all of my “Category 1” titles, and they’ll be reuploaded in the next week or so, to Amazon, B&N, ARE, and Smashwords. Most of these stories are just milder versions of the “Category3” stories, but some have undergone more serious changes. If you’d like information on a specific title, please leave a comment here or email me.

I have several WIPS that I hope to start releasing, including the next Alpha title, and a bundle of the first stories in the series.

Is there anything you’re specifically looking forward to reading?