The last month has seen me doing a lot of revisions to old books, reuploading, etc. It has taken a lot more time and energy than I ever anticipated. Now that I’m nearly at the end of that process, I have a long overdue new release out!

Freeze Frame is the sequel to Angel is a Centerfold, male/male erotic romance. If you missed Angel is a Centerfold, you can find it at Smashwords, B&N, and Amazon.

Freeze Frame takes our intrepid and very sexy heroes through their first day as a couple, which is endlessly…interesting 😉

You can find it at Smashwords right now, with B&N and Amazon to come soon. In the next several days, I hope to be able to relaunch at ARE as well.

Onward cover and blurb!!

One night of passion has led to the promise of another, but before Trent and Aidan get very far, a ghost from their past rears up, challenging their budding relationship. Can they stand tall together, or will this new relationship fall apart? Sequel to Angel is a Centerfold.