As you may be aware, this has been a very difficult week for independently-published erotica authors.  First, Bookstrand determined that certain elements–some legal and some illegal–were not allowed in books they published. This was as per an edict from PayPal. Quickly, Bookstrand moved to close down all independent author accounts, though it appears those same elements are allowed in books from small presses, including Siren, their in-house publishing arm.

ARE jumped in this week as well, reclassifying their books as romance or erotica, and any books with the “banned by PayPal” themes were removed from sale.

Last evening, Smashwords joined the charge, albeit very reluctantly.

The themes that PayPal objects to include bestiality, rape as titillation, books that enforce or emphasize hate against any group of people, “barely-legal” teen girls in erotic situations, and incest. And pseudo incest. Many more eloquent than myself have written about the wrongness of a third party censoring what a business sells, and I’m sure anyone reading this blog can ascertain my feelings on this, so I’ll spare you my rantings and get down to the practicalities of this post.

As you probably know, I write a fair bit of pseudo incest, and I’m finding the sales venues for that severely curtailed. So…a new Storm is coming.

You will *not* be able to buy any of my books at Bookstrand. Their decision, and I can do nothing to change this.

You can buy a limited number of my titles (Angel is a Centerfold, Acting on Impulse, Carissa’s Diary) currently at ARE.  None of these are PI titles. I do hope to be able to upload revisions of most of the stories in my catalogue within a month to six weeks. This is ARE’s timeline and not mine. These stories will not have any PI elements, as per ARE and PayPal’s edicts.

You will be able to buy *revised* versions of most of my titles at Smashwords, beginning tonight. These titles will be Non-PI versions of my stories. Some are heavily revised and I’ve added more than a thousand words to the story (Art of Lust, I’m looking in your direction!), while others are more lightly revised. I’ve indicated the  revision level in every blurb. If you have questions on a title, you can always email me, and I’ll fill you in.

Give me the better part of a week to get everything up at Smashwords.

I’ll be selling both PI and non-PI versions of my stories on Amazon and B&N. The various versions will be denoted by a “Storm Intensity” scale, which is as follows.

Storm Intensity: Cat 1. Contains milder erotic elements and is focused on a romantic relationship.

Storm intensity: Cat 2. Contains wilder erotic elements. May contain ménage, BDSM, or same-sex relationships.

Storm intensity: Cat 3. Hottest and wildest! Contains elements that may stretch boundaries. Not for the faint of heart!

The category numbers will also be denoted on the book covers. All PI works will be Storm Intensity Cat 3.

Be aware that while a few titles will have changed, very few of the revisions have a significant amount of new material.

I am sorry for this inconvenience, but the decisions are thoroughly out of my hands.