If you’re a reader who typically finds my books at All Romance Ebooks or Bookstrand, you may have noticed that my books are no longer for sale there, or at least not quite the same books blurbed here. Over the last week. both Bookstrand and ARE have banned, among other things, rape as titillation, bestiality, real incest, and, quite inexplicably pseudo incest. Yes, psuedo incest where the characters are not biologically related. Where the characters have no legal ties getting in the way of them becoming romantically/sexually involved.

I’m not sure if I’ll be editing my titles for future upload to Bookstrand and ARE. That remains to be seen at the present time.

I do, however, highly encourage you to shop at Smashwords, Amazon or B&N for the titles as they were written and as they were meant to be enjoyed.

Thank you!