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Famously F*cked is now out!

Famously F*cked is now for sale from ARE, Bookstrand, Amazon, B&N and Smashwords!

Zara never expects to run into her famous moviestar stepbrother at a hotel. She hasn’t seen Michael in the flesh for years, and now he’s a superstar. They’ve always been attracted, their lust forbidden, but they’ve never gone all the way. When Michael arranges for them to share a hotel room, their temptation, lust and need will explode. Zara will be famously f*cked, but will Michael be there for her in the morning?




Coming For New Year’s is now out and can be purchased at ARE, Bookstrand, Amazon, Smashwords, or Barnes and Noble.

Jack and Shana have established a sexual bond, and now Jack is ready to take things with his stepdaughter to a whole new level. He can’t wait to see sassy Shana on her knees for him. But is Shana ready to ring in the new year submissive style? Jack will have to go deep into his bag of tricks!


I’m so sorry for neglecting this blog. Work has shifted into a very busy time and unfortunately,despite me meaning and needing to update, it didn’t happen.

I have three new releases I’d like to share with you! They all can be found at Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, ARE, and Bookstrand.

Candy Kane’s Gang Bang. The best part of being Santa’s little girl is that he knows just how nice she’s been to her daddy. Now Daddy’s going to give Candy Kane the best present a girl could want. And Candy wants a lot—a gang bang with Santa’s elite elves. How can he resist her lusty Christmas wish?










And the sequel! Santa Claus is Coming. Candy is Santa’s special girl, and she’s been both naughty and nice, just the way her daddy wants her. But she owes Daddy and his right-hand man, Rudy, a little something extra. And she knows just what to give them—herself. Will Santa and Rudy share this delectable gift and keep coming back for more of Candy’s delights?

Sequel to Candy Kane’s Gang Bang, but can be read as a stand-alone title. No reindeer, elves, or men in red suits harmed in the making of this title. All participants are well over eighteen and are not biologically related in any way.











Coming for Christmas, co-written with Aimee Lattimore. Sequel to Coming for Thanksgiving.

Now that Jack and Marina have started a sexual relationship with their stepchildren, they’re looking forward to getting together. But reality intrudes and the kids have to work hard to make their holiday lusty and bright.











Happy Nude Year.

When Lindsay’s boyfriend dumps her on New Year’s Eve, she never expects her sexy daddy to save the day. Daddy wines and dines her, but that isn’t all he has planned. And when a sexually charged game of strip poker begins, they’re both playing to win. As the clothes come off and their lust grows, it becomes clear that Lindsay’s going to have a very Happy Nude Year with Daddy.

Lindsay and Daddy are non-biologically related, and all characters are well over the age of consent.