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Pleasing Papa is out!

Cait and Daddy have just started a sexual relationship, but instead of exploring each other, they have to go to a function. With her very young and very sexy papa, a famous movie star. With desire swirling around them, will Papa figure out their secret sex life? What will Cait have to do to please Papa? (8,000 words).  Sequel to Porn Star Daddy and second in the Hot in Hollywood series.
Contains ménage, attraction between steprelations, and a whole lotta hot sex! It can be purchased at ARE, Bookstrand, Kindle, B&N, and Smashwords.





Moira is planning her first Thanksgiving feast and she’s in over her head. Will Daddy give her a Thanksgiving treat to remember? Sequel to Daddy’s Candy. (4,000+ words). It can be purchased at Smashwords, ARE, Bookstrand Kindle, and B&N.


SPANKSgiving is out!

When Gina’s stepfather finds out she’s arranged a spanking at a BDSM club, every protective instinct in him rises. Nobody else is going to spank Gina’s curvy body but him. And it is high time she learns his feelings are anything but fatherly. Gina will be in for a very happy Spanksgiving if Daddy has anything to say about it! (6500+). It can be purchased at Smashwords, ARE, Amazon, B&N, and Bookstrand!


I have two new releases to share with you!

Sexy werewolf Taryn and her stepfather have mated for life. But will their joining be accepted by the rulers of their society? With their need and passion burning hot, and everything on the line, Taryn and Daddy may have to make the ultimate sacrifice (6200 words). Sequel to Alpha Destiny and second in the Alpha Daddy series.  You can purchase it here: Smashwords , Amazon , B&N , Bookstrand , and ARE

Doctor Lust on sale now!

After Ari has a disastrous vacation, she finds herself annoyed, frustrated, and horny. Her stepfather is more than willing to help her through her post-vacation blues. But after tasting Dr. Lust, will Ari be able to walk away? (6,000 words) Now on sale at all major retailers!



Justine’s family-style adventures continue! After inadvertently seducing her daddy, they jointly decide to spice things up. See what happens when the cock tease comes on to her handsome twin brothers. Daddy may just want to watch! Sequel to Daddy’s Cock Tease. Features ménage, hot stepbrother/stepsister action, and a dash of voyeurism. (6,000 words). For sale on Smashwords, ARE , and Bookstrand right now, more links to come!

Porn Star Daddy now on sale!

Cait is horny and bored one night and digs into her stepfather’s DVD collection. She never imagines she’ll discover his dirty little porn star past! And when Cait decides she wants to try Daddy out, there’s no way he’ll be able to resist her! (5,000 words). You can find it at ARE, Bookstrand, Smashwords, Kindle , and B&N